The Loving Stepmom


I have to admit, there’s a lot I don’t love as a Stepmom.  How about these for a few:

* Schedule changes at the other house (and how they impact my plans again and again, ugh).

* Doing nice things for someone else’s kids (and often times getting the short end of the stick).

* Being an outsider in my own house (wow does that get old, hello I’m right here, I’m in this room too!).

*Not having as much control over my life as I used to (now there are parenting plans, people inside my house, people outside my house that all have a bearing on the day to day schedule).

But there are some things I do love.  I love that God has blessed me with a wonderful husband and a chance for a second marriage.  I adore our “ours babies”.  Here’s one more thing I think about a lot:  The great challenge to love people who don’t love you back.  Anyone can love their friends, family and people who love them back.  But I believe that God commands us to love one another, period.  John 13:34 (NIV) says “Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”  And when I read this carefully I notice it does not say “Love one another…only those who are easy to love” nor does it say “Love one another…only those who are kind to you, respectful to you, and who love you back.”  God commands us to love one another, period.  It also says “as I have loved you.”  I’m pretty sure God has loved me on my not so nice days, my not so respectful days, and in my choosing sinfulness moments.  And that is humbling.

Today I am thankful for this challenge to keep loving others in imperfect circumstances.  What a great opportunity to try over and over to love others even when it’s not easy.

What are you thankful for today?


4 thoughts on “The Loving Stepmom

    • Thanks! such a neat thing to learn from each other in this blogging journey. amazing what one can learn when Christian sisters share, right? am loving the sharing and dialogue that opens up. had a neat conversation with your mom in this vein…

  1. Rachel

    Wow. Humbling. Thanks for reminding me of the depths of God’s love for me, and the way I’m called to emulate that to ALL others.

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