The Yogi Stepmom


Today as I did my flow, warrior II, downward facing dog, child’s pose, plank…I pondered what yoga might have in common with the stepmom journey.  I love the acceptance in yoga.  The statements from the leader like “maybe today you are meant to just sit here in this room and rest and in that you will be practicing your yoga beautifully.”  And I can’t help but wonder if that’s what a stepmom’s journey should be like at times.  Just sit.  Just be.  Just rest in your place.  Rest in the storm.  And maybe, just maybe if you rest long enough and find peace & beauty in that storm….the 4-7 years of average adjustment will pass and a new beautiful chapter will arrive.

Today I am thankful for peaceful moments and letting myself off the hook from that pressure to do, do, do.  Learning to just be.

Psalm 46:10 (NIV) “Be still and know that I am God.”

What are you thankful for today?


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