Can This Day Just End Please?


Ever have one of those days you wish would just end?  One of those days where you find yourself saying “can I get a do-over?” or “Calgon take me away?”   Today was one of those days for me.

Pink eye is going around my kids’ school and guess who got it…me!  And guess who had to go to business meetings with those pink scary looking eyes?  Yep, me.  (Picture people shaking my hands while cringing…that kind of thing).  Many people saw Bob Costas cover the Olympics on national TV recently while he had pink eye.  People have commented on how he handled that with grace and humor.  I will admit to sitting in business meetings this week praying “Dear God please give me the grace, humor and strength of Bob Costas because right now I just want to hide under a rock. Please God, help me be more like Bob Costas.”

As if it wasn’t bad enough, on my plane ride home while getting comfortable in my aisle seat, a man sat in the middle seat next to me. This man was a tall man, well over 6 feet tall. This was not going to be comfortable for him or us (sardines that we were, all packed in our aisle).  And then he opened his can of tobacco chew. Clearly he was planning to chew (and spit) during the flight.  Big chew/spit bottle in hand.  It was a clear plastic bottle so I could see all of that lovely spit and chew.  When we got up in the air he opened his spit bottle to spit and wouldn’t you know it, due to the air pressure changes, the bottle of tobacco and his spit sprayed all over me.  Yep, all over my face, hair, shirt, chair, and even in my food.  I was covered in chunks of his tobacco and his spit.

This is when I just wanted the day to end.  A do-over please.  Trust me, I realized that in the grand scheme of things this wasn’t major or tragic, but nevertheless I wanted this bummer of a day to end.   Me and my pink eyes and my tobacco crusted chest, we wanted an end to this day and new fresh start.

So today I am thankful that in stressful situations (big and small), during life’s valleys and heartaches, that God offers us rest.  Under His wings we can find peace and comfort that only He can offer.

Today I reflect on Psalm 91:4  “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.”

What are you thankful for?